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Reach New Customers within Your Local Region

Amazon is working closely with EcoWater to roll out a new program that allows valued EcoWater dealers to leverage Amazon’s reach and customer base to sell large products like water softeners in their local areas. You, the dealer make the sale and handle delivery and any other services using your own trucks and technicians, and you own the sales cycle from beginning to end. Amazon brings new shoppers, EcoWater provides compelling content to educate and influence shoppers, and you close the sale with a new customer through localized delivery and services.

Simply complete the application form on this page to start the process. Amazon and Ecowater will then reach out to schedule an introduction with your account manager and get you set up to start selling Whirlpool Pro products.

What are the Benefits?

Set It and Forget It Reach new customers in your local region

Sell your products to Amazon's customers within your local region. You control the products you offer, you customize the location you're selling in and delivery parameters, and we help you find new local customers.

Set It and Forget It Influence Shoppers with Compelling Content

EcoWater will work with Amazon to ensure our products are supported with compelling content – correct product images, videos, key features/benefits and specs - to educate and influence shoppers to purchase. Take advantage of this program to grow your sales, and increase your dealership’s visibility amongst Amazon customers.

Set It and Forget It Own the sales cycle from beginning to end

Owning the sales cycle from beginning to end allows you to reduce shipping costs, reduce possible shipping damages, and reduce returns. You can even set your own fees for delivery and product set-up. Most importantly, it allows you to offer your customers the best possible shopping experience!

Set It and Forget It

Leverage the Trust of Amazon
Reach Amazon customers in your area and grow your business. This program gives you the opportunity to capture incremental sales in your area by reaching new online shoppers.

How Does It Work?

Set It and Forget It List your products and inventory

Connect to Whirlpool Pro products that EcoWater has already setup for you.

List your services

After you list your products, you need to list your services, along with the region you service. Add your Service region, add your service pricing (completed in the same process), and now your products and services will surface to Amazon customers in your region.

Get Paid

Deliver and service your products

Assembly/Install, and Assembly/Install + Haul Away (You're not required to list every service, you can opt out if not a good fit).

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up today to ensure you are included in the next cohort of dealers.

To get started, complete the application found on this page and enter the promo code ‘ecowater’ (all lowercase).

To apply for Amazon ShopLocal, complete the following.